4 Reasons to Live in a Master-Planned Community in North Texas

Published March 19, 2021

Master-planned communities are often thought of as having “cookie-cutter” houses, restrictive policies, and being located in the middle of nowhere. However, that is a stereotype of the past and does not reflect the current beautiful and expansive master-planned communities of North Texas. 

In general, master-planned communities (MPCs) are large, self-contained neighborhoods offering residents a huge range of amenities, luxuries, and conveniences above and beyond what any standard community or complex can offer. 

MPCs in North Texas are known for having parks, playgrounds, fitness centers, recreational facilities, sports surfaces, pools, and sometimes even schools all within the community’s gates and often within walking distance of your house. 

Sometimes, it can even feel like you’re living in your little town  — an attribute many attest to being one of the top reasons they chose to buy a home in a master-planned community. 

But that’s not the only driving factor for this big purchasing decision. 

Here are the top reasons growing families choose a master-planned community in North Texas:

Dallas-Fort Worth Location + Suburban Privacy

Typically, people searching for a new home must decide whether to prioritize privacy or central location. However, due to the amount of open land situated along the edge of the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex, there is room for beautiful communities and homeowners can have both guaranteed seclusion and easy access to a bustling city. 

A central location is always a huge concern when looking for a new home because no one wants to be a 30-minute drive to the nearest grocery store or other necessities. Convenience is key but not always possible with master-planned communities since cities are often low on space and MPCs span over 10,000 acres or 15 square miles. 

This isn’t a problem for master-planned communities in the DFW area. 

They can enjoy everything a big city like Dallas offers without dealing with the big negatives such as traffic, crime, noise, and lack of space. 

Our new master-planned community, Goodland (formerly Prairie Ridge) in Grand Prairie perfectly exemplifies how small-town charm and big-city benefits can blend in this area. Located in the Midlothian area, our community is close to grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping, and a short 26-minute drive to Dallas. There is no need to compromise in a location like this.

Unmatched Amenities

Master-planned communities are marked by their extensive and comprehensive amenities. 

As mentioned above, the amenities you’ll find in a master-planned community in North Texas are way beyond what any inner-city community can offer your family. Not only do MPCs have space, but they also have the finances and economic capital to build something incredible and worth your investment. 

To give you an idea, here are the amenities Prairie Ridge Village offers: 

  • Private and public parks
  • Multiple playgrounds
  • Hiking and biking trails
  • Community centers
  • Resort-style pool
  • Fitness center
  • Clubhouse
  • Community-wide internet
  • Elementary school

That’s just the beginning though. To learn more about Goodland’s amenities visit our website here

You can generally expect to be “wowed” by what you find in a master-planned community in North Texas.

Safety + Security 

We know that one of the biggest concerns parents have when looking for a new home is the safety of their children.

Master-planned communities in North Texas offer their residents a lot of safety and security by being fully enclosed communities. Many often have a guard building, access-control gates, and a neighborhood patrol. This means only residents and friends of the residents can enter the community. 

Additionally, gated communities cut down on the traffic driving through them, making it safer for your kids to play outside. No one will drive through your community to get to Kroger on the other side. 

The community structure aside, master-planned communities in the DFW area are extremely safe with relatively low crime rates. Specifically, Midlothian has a very low crime rate, around 13 per 1,000 residents. 

Neighborhood School

To seal the deal, many master-planned communities in North Texas have their own elementary school.

This means kids can safely walk to school every day and are only a few minutes away from home if they feel sick or need something. On top of that, any after-school activities won’t be a cause for worry because parents can easily pick them up or trust they can safely take the five-minute walk home.

Your kids will also quickly get to know all of their classmates and have many buddies to stick with throughout the day and after. 

It’s the perfect scenario for growing families looking for good, safe education options. 

To learn more about the elementary school the Midlothian Independent School District (MISD) has committed to building in Goodland, visit our website here

Home Layout Options

As mentioned in the beginning, one of the biggest myths about master-planned communities is that there are “cookie-cutter” homes. 

In North Texas, this is not the case. The designers of these master-planned communities employ multiple builders that are each known for specific styles, features, and layouts. 

This sets the stage for a diverse community with ample character and charm on each street. Even if a few homes have the same floorplans, following an owner’s personal touch and taste, the outsides will quickly look completely unique. 

At Goodland we collaborated with four amazing builders:  

  • Beazer Homes – Builders of houses people are proud to call home for nine generations.
  • M/I Homes – Prioritizing design as the cornerstone of difference. 
  • Grand Homes – 30 years of building extraordinary homes and creating an extraordinary experience for homeowners.

Not to mention, each builder often has 10+ floorplan and layout options with different choices for features and upgrades. 

A master-planned community doesn’t follow a “one fits all” strategy; it’s a place where you can customize the look and feel of your future home. 

For more details on our homes ranging from the $400s – $900s, visit Goodland today.