What Makes Master-Planned Communities in DFW Feel Safe for Growing Families

Published May 27, 2021

For parents, there’s no better feeling than sending your kids off to school in the morning without a single worry.

For first-time homeowners, it’s relieving to live in a community where neighbors are friends who share your priorities. 

For couples looking to put down new roots, it’s a joy to be confident in the decision of where to move. 

No matter where you are in your life journey, safety is always a top priority when it comes to choosing a new home and community to live in. 

This is why so many people choose to live in a master-planned community in DFW. 

With features and amenities that are only able to exist in a fully-enclosed space, a master-planned community in DFW is simply on another level. 

Here’s the top safety features master-planned communities can offer you: 

No Outside Traffic

With no other reason to enter the community other than going home or visiting family and friends, there is substantially less foot and car traffic in master-planned communities. Unlike many streets, no one is driving through just to get to a different destination on the other side. 

You’ll likely even recognize the majority of the cars passing by your window and families riding down the street after living in your new home for a few months.

This is especially important to parents who want to be able to let their kids play in the front yard, go down the street to their friends, or hang out in the park with minimal worries about their safety. 

Obviously, parents will always worry about their kids, but the minimal outside traffic can help make residents feel more comfortable and confident in going about their daily life. 

Located Outside of the City

Being that master-planned communities in DFW are so extensive, often spanning a few miles, they are generally located outside of major cities, in quieter suburbs and towns. 

This means they are frequently in areas with lower crime rates, less traffic, and fewer bars and other late-night entertainment spots. 

That being said, if you’re ready for a night out, fun hot spots are never too far away. For our residents in Goodland (formerly Prairie Ridge), the exciting nightlife and day excursion of Dallas are only a 20-minute drive away. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

There’s a reason so many couples and families flock to the suburbs after a while, there’s a sense of peace master-planned communities offer than stand-alone homes or apartments can. 

Guard Gate + Community Patrol 

Being an enclosed community, many master-planned communities in DFW usually have a gated entrance where any outside guests must be checked and called in. This ensures that no one can just walk in for now reason and there is a secure process for allowing people in the community. 

Residents will also be given a car stick or clicker to allow quick and easy access through a residents-only gate. 

As well, many master-planned communities also have 24-hour patrols, nightly patrols, and/or community watches that help increase the level of security in the community. While if there is ever an emergency, calling the police is still the next step, community patrols can answer any questions, concerns,or complaints you may have. 

Nearby Police + Fire Stations

Wanting to offer the highest level of safety, many master-planned communities are built nearby police stations and fire departments in case there is an emergency. 

In fact, when you live near a fire station you get a discount on your insurance because your risk of fire damage is substantially lower.

Along with police and fire stations, master-planned communities are also often near great hospitals. For example, Goodland is less than 20 minute from two different hospitals in the Midlothian area. 

Live Easy in a Master-Planned Community in DFW

There’s something to be said about living in a master-planned community in DFWwhere you can breathe easier and live your life more freely every day due to the level of safety and security you feel. 

In fact, increasing the safety of your family is priceless. 

This is why our community sets safety as its top priority while building the features and amenities our residents enjoy every day. Right next to Midlothian and just 20 minutes outside of Dallas, you can experience the best of both worlds while living in a master-planned community in DFW.