3 Reasons Why Families Are Making the Move to Midlothian and Goodland

Published June 24, 2021

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has grown significantly over the past few years and is on a clear trend to continue expanding. In fact, in 2020, DFW led the country in nominal population growth with the addition of 120,000 residents. 

This means new jobs, business opportunities, and a bustling economy that is great for residents! However, it also means increasingly limited space and a higher cost of living, specifically when it comes to owning property. 

This is when living in a suburb or town just outside of Dallas and commuting to work becomes a really appealing possibility, a decision many growing families are making this year!

Out of all the great areas nestled outside of the metroplex, many are making the move to Midlothian and Goodland, Texas!

Here’s why: 

Strong Texan Community 

No matter how long you’ve lived in Texas, you are likely very familiar with how important the community is to the people who live here.

With the DFW metroplex being so massive, spanning a whole 13 counties, it can be difficult to feel like you’re a part of a tight-knit community in Dallas beyond your complex or street. 

That complaint doesn’t exist in Midlothian and Goodland (formerly Prairie Ridge)! 

With a significantly smaller population and a single county, both of these respective cities offer a great sense of community. These are places where you know your neighbors by their first name and favorite tv show, and it’s beyond easy to become a “regular” at your favorite shops and restaurants. 

It also means neighborhood get-togethers you’ll actually want to attend and new friends who live close to you! It’s quite refreshing not to have to drive through thirty minutes of city traffic to see a friend who lives just a few miles away. 

As well, both of these towns have a big family population which means you will be living in a community of people who are in the same point in life as you and have similar priorities.

Midlothian’s motto of — Make Something Great Here — truly fits this community.

People here are generally outgoing, friendly, and don’t mind helping others out. 

Ideal North Texas Location

There’s no question that Dallas and Fort Worth are amazing cities to be in, but what many residents find not so amazing is the constant noise, traffic, limited parking, and high rent that is very common in the metroplex. 

This is one of the reasons why making the move to this areais so appealing to many new and growing families; it is a “best of both worlds” scenario. Being about 26 miles from Dallas and 27 miles from Ft. Worth, this North Texas location is ideal because it is the perfect distance to be close to the city without having to live in it and deal with all the drawbacks. 

It’s also an incredibly easy and straightforward commute for those who work in the metroplex. This relief is for parents and married couples who want to move outside the city but don’t want to sacrifice their job. 

In Midlothian and Goodland, you’ll feel like you’re living in a small town while being close to the exciting nightlife and weekend activities Dallas offers. 

Lastly, being in North Texas, it will only take a two-hour drive to cross the border into Oklahoma and go on a fun road trip! As many Texans know, getting out of Texas is much harder if you live in the more southern parts like San Antonio and Austin. 

Excellent Schools

One of the top priorities parents and expecting couples have when choosing a place to live is the quality of schools in the surrounding area. 

Midlothian Independent School District is a highly rated public school district that prides itself on excellent academics and competitive sports programs. There are about 8,400 students collectively, creating a 16:1 student-teacher ratio which is optimal for learning. The buildings and facilities are also relatively new, helping to create a good environment for the children. 

According to state test scores, Midlothian Independent School District has 87% of students proficient in math and 84% in reading, and a 94% overall graduation rate. 

This combination of factors has attracted many young couples and growing families to become homeowners here. 

Plus, with Midlothian ISD committed to building a brand new grade school in our community, there will be another incredible option for kids to get a stellar education. 

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It is such a relief for parents to know that their children are receiving the best education possible and preparing for an amazing future, whether it’s in Texas or elsewhere!

Making the Move to Midlothian and Goodland

Overall life in Midlothian and Goodland is a beautiful blend of comfort, excitement, love, and charm. It’s no wonder that so many growing families are making the move to Midlothian, Texas, and setting down roots in this beautiful area. 

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